Badlands Project

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You should have read the virtual field trip book about Badlands National Park. If you have not you should return to iBooks, read the information, watch the videos,a nd answer the review questions. Once you have finished this you are ready to pick your project.


You can choose between writing an interpretive plaque or creating a brochure for the feature or fossil you found most interesting. Either one should contain the following information:

1) Overview of the topic you have chosen. What sediments, or which fossil, did you choose? Why?

2) What was the environment like at the time? How is it that this was possible in South Dakota?

3) How did the sediments form, and how have they changed with time? What types of animals lived there at the time? Are they still around?If not, when did they go extinct?

or What was the life style of the animal? From what time range and what geographic extent is it known?

Or, your brochure or plaque can present a summary of the history of the sediments, in a similar style to the virtual field trip presented to you.


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