You will use this webpage to do your webquests and other group or individual projects throughout the semester in Physical Geology. Other course material can be accessed through your Blackboard account.

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Absolute Dating- Practice techniques for calculating the half-life or age of rocks using this problem set.

Martinsville-Henry Country Trip- This is the virtual version of the field trip taken in class to various rock outcroppings in the area. Come here to see the sites you missed.

STOP 1- Leatherwood Food Lion       STOP 2- Tokyo Express      STOP 3- Wal*Mart


Volcano and Earthquake Webquest - Geologic disasters can be horrifying reminders of just how powerful the Earth is. Some areas are historically prone to volcanoes and earthquakes, as well as the processes that follow in their wake such as lahars and landslides. Your group will research historic disasters as well as current monitoring techniques and combine this knowledge to generate a future technology that will have predictive power to save people from these disasters. Image from USGS collection.

Groundwater Features - Select the groundwater feature of your choice and illustrate/narrate a comic strip-style explanation showing how it forms. You can choose from among: column, stalagmite, flowstone, soda straw, hot spring, or geyser.


Economic Geology - "If it can't be grown, it's got to be mined." Throughout the ages the battle has raged between environmental groups, who want to maintain pristine lands, and mining companies, who want to mine strategic ores for a profit. Clearly we need resources, and yet we must balance that need with ecological and environmental safety.


Catastrophe Webquest - The Earth is an exciting, yet potentially trecherous place. In this WebQuest you will conduct some research to help enlighten others about the wilder side of geology.

Image from USGS landslide collection.

Response to Climate Change Skeptics- Over 30 years of data from tens of thousands of reports and thousands of papers published by hundreds of scientists all support the fact that the Earth is warming. In this exercise you will write your own response to letters to the editor to educate people about these facts.


Dixie Caverns- This virtual trip can be used in place of the place-based trip to the caverns when necessary.

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