You will use this webpage to do your webquests and other group or individual projects throughout the semester. Other course material can be accessed through your Blackboard account.


3-D Model Project

For this project you, or you and a partner, will make a 3-D model depicting: transcription and translation, photosynthesis, or cellular respiration.

Genetic Screening and Genetic Disorders WebQuest


In this WebQuest you and your group will research common genetic disorders and the screening process used to detect them. You have a hypothetical problem of determining for which disorders a new In-Vitro fertilization clinic will screen.

Image: National Human Genome Research Institute

Karyotyping ActivityThis site is intended to supplement the karyotyping activity created by the University of Arizona. Use the links provided to find information about the genetic disorders you diagnosed for each of the patients.


DNA Fingerprinting- This activity, done by NOVA, shows the basic techniques involved with DNA fingerprinting and takes you through the process of identifying a suspect.

Image copyright free from NIH/NIAMS



Letter to the EditorOver 30 years of data from tens of thousands of reports and thousands of papers published by hundreds of scientists all support the fact that the Earth is warming. In this exercise you will write your own response to letters to the editor to educate people about these facts.

Image from NOAA.

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