You will use this webpage to do your webquests and other group or individual projects throughout the semester in Historical Geology. Other course material can be accessed through your Blackboard account.

Timeline projectThroughout the semester you will be working with your group on developing a scale timeline of Earth's history. In this timeline you must use a uniform distance to represent time, and must write down what that scale is. 

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Absolute Dating- Practice techniques for calculating the half-life or age of rocks using this problem set.

Paleozoic webquest- The Paleozoic Era had some truly remarkable creatures. You will be doing a group project to learn more about some of these organisms and to suggest one for an addition to the Prehistoric Park.

Mesozoic webquest- The Mesozoic is so well known for its dinosaurs that the other amazing organisms sometimes get overlooked. In the project you will address this issue by either creating a children's book, to help educate the next generation, or by writing an informative letter to the editor about this issue.


Badlands Project- On this page you'll find the explanation for each choice in the Badlands project and the rubric for each.

Cenozoic Project- The Cenozoic is known as the Age of Mammals. There are some wild and wonderful animals in the Paleogene and Neogene; sadly most of them are extinct. In this project you will create a collectables series to represent at least 12 animals from this era.

Miocene fossil identification- Sometimes it is important to be able to identify bones of vertebrate animals beyond the phylum designation. Use this site to help identify bones with common names for the animals, but more anatomical terms for the bones themselves.

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