Cenozoic Collectables Project

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Whether it is baseball cards, pins, spoons, shot glasses, match books, or some other memorabilia people enjoy collecting things. You can come up with any item you'd like, but you need to create a set of this item to represent two animals from each of the Cenozoic Epochs (Paleocene, Eocene, Oligocene, Miocene, Pliocene, and Pleistocene). You may choose any animal you would like, with the exception of mammoths, mastodon, and sabertooth cats. These are rather well known, so they are not permitted for the project.

For each item you must include the following about the animal:

1) What it is (common name plus genus and species name),

2) what, if any, living animals are descended from it,

3) during what age range was it alive,

4) where did it live,

5) what was its lifestyle (what did it eat, what habitat did it live in, what ate it, …),

6) at least one picture (preferably a skeleton and a fleshed out model)

7) a promo paragraph to make it interesting (though still factual),

8) citations for all of your sources (may be on a separate paper).


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