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Having found out about historic events and modern techniques being used to monitor current activity, turn your eyes to the future to think about what may come for early warning systems.

Think about both, what factors were involved in the disasters of past eruptions or quakes, and the possibilities for how current monitoring could be improved to provide early warning to prevent future loss of life.

Together you should: 

1) “develop a technique” for early warning for either a volcano or earthquake, depending on which you researched, 

2) describe how it works. Obviously this is fictitious, but it should be based on current science. No magic, divinity, or extraterrestrials, and 

3) give it a name and explain the reasoning for the name. Include a picture of what you image it to look like by using computer graphics or a line sketch you photograph with a cell phone and include it in your slideshow. 

Be sure to provide enough detail to demonstrate your understanding of the geology behind these natural disasters!

Put all four parts together in a PowerPoint presentation that is between 10-20 slides in length. For online classes, use the Notes section beneath the slide to put the text of what you would have said were you presenting in class or post to Voice Thread and record your presentation.

*** Remember to include proper APA style citations. 

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