Genetic Screening Group Procedures

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Create a PowerPoint, designed to explain to a prospective patient, the following points:

  • Describe PGS
  • The Pro’s and Con’s of PGS
  • A brief explanation of each disorder and the difficulties of living with each.
  • Which disorders will you screen for?
  • Why did you choose (or not choose) to screen for each disorder?

Give specific examples from your research for each decision.  Your reasoning should mainly be based on factual data on these disorders, PGD, and common practices.   With this in mind, it is still important to take into consideration your personal ethics  and your emotional responses to personal accounts of individuals with these disorders and what they must go through daily.

Group Procedures- A Word file with the rubric for your slideshow

Cooperative Rubric- A Word file used to grade your group members on participation.

Submit your groups final Power Point file to your instructor on a flash drive or through email and hand in your individual Webbed Worksheets.

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