Groundwater features

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For this project you are to design a comic to explain and illustrate how the groundwater (karst) feature of your choice forms. You can sketch the comic then photograph and upload if you choose or you can design it all digitally. If you choose to use photographs, you must take the pictures yourself. There are two caves in close proximity to Martinsville/Henry County: Dixie Caverns and Natural Bridge Caverns. You can see a brief tour of Dixie Caverns from the homepage. Additionally, you can see a sample below.

You need to have a minimum of four “squares” in the comic.

Karst features from which to choose: column, stalagmite, flowstone, soda straw, hot spring, or geyser.

Rubric is below the sample.


Rubric for grading. 

The sample would earn: Acceptable, Acceptable, Acceptable, Acceptable, Excellent

The reason the first four categories would earn an Acceptable is the second image breaks the sequence. It is accurate but does not follow the same progression of lengthening and thickening. Were is explained differently in the narrative it would earn Excellent for the Narrative, but the Illustration and Flow are still diminished.

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