Karyotyping Activity

This site is intended to supplement the Karyotyping Activity created by the University of Arizona. Use the links provided here to find information about the genetic disorders you diagnosed for each of the patients.

Click here for a worksheet to fill out while you work. Once you have determined the karyotype of each individual, use these links to learn more about the three disorders for which you made the diagnoses. You should only research the three disorders for which the patients were diagnosed, not all four or any others.

Trisomy 13 Links


Medline Plus

SOFT- Facts about Trisomy 13

Patau Syndrome

Turner’s Syndrome

Human Genetics

Mayo Clinic on Turner's Syndrome

Klineflelter Syndrome

Medline Plus                                                                                         Image: National Human Genome Research Institute

Genetics Home Reference


Down Syndrome- Trisomy 21

National Down Syndrome Society

Medline Plus on Down Syndrome

GRADING: You will be graded on the completeness of your answers but also on your ownership of the content and responsible citations. If you copy from a website you must reference it. At least 80% of the writing must be original (not copied even if cited). If all of the information is copied you will receive no credit. If information is used and not cited you will receive no credit. 

Your work must be typed and not hand written.

Link to APA citation manual

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