Letters to the Editor

This week’s letters are a part of our series on people’s attitudes about global climate change. 

Your assignment.

Use the links below to find the information you need to refute one of the editorials. Be sure to include:

1) What issue you are refuting- in a well written introduction. (10 points)

2) What science says (what the facts really are), and (20 points)

3) Why it is so important to begin to act now (what will happen if we don’t change). (5 points)

4) Proper citations from the articles you read or videos you watched. (5 points)

5) Your letter should be at least 80% your own writing (not quoted or paraphrased) (5 points)

6) Also, your letter should be free from spelling and/or grammatical errors. (5 points)

Your letter to the editor should be between 500 and 700 words.

20 Deadliest Effects of Global Warming

Effects of global warming already being felt on plants and animals worldwide

Ecological Effects of Global Warming on North American Birds and Butterflies

Beyond Global Warming: Ecology and Global Change

Protecting Polar Bears Must Include Mitigating Global Warming

Polar Bears Listed As Threatened… Loss of Sea Ice to Blame

How Does Global Warming Affect Polar Bears?

2011 Sea Ice Minimum- melts of sea ice (video you can use for polar bears)

CO2 is Food for Plants (video)

Sense from Deniers on CO2? Don’t hold your breath. (video)

You can also do a search from the videos by greenman3610

You can search the articles from SkepticalScience

Polar bears have it easy

I don’t know what people are talking about. Polar bears are just like any other bear. They are tough. I’ve heard of polar bears going and attacking people in Alaska and some of them raiding garbage just like raccoons here. They aren’t endangered at all. It is just those climate people wanting us to feel all sorry for some cute critter. This is just a load of malarky.


Old Timer

Bassett, VA

Animals change all of the time

I heard someone say that we need to make changes in a hurry because some bird laid an egg a month early. How ridiculous is that? Why should we care if some bird lays an egg early? It doesn’t mean anything. Animals aren’t people; they do what they do and it doesn’t affect us! I shouldn’t have to change anything I’m doing just because of some crazy bird.

Going to the Birds

Collinsville, VA


Food for thought and the plants

I’ve been doing a lot of reading; it just doesn’t make sense. We all know that plants need carbon dioxide (CO2) to grow. We need the oxygen that they produce and they need the CO2 that we breath off. It’s that simple. How can CO2 be a problem if we need it? They keep talking about how rising CO2 levels are both a problem and something humans have caused, but that just seems wrong. Plants need the CO2 and it is just totally normal. Something natural cannot be harming the planet. Just think about it!

Power to the Plants

Martinsville, VA

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