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Use the following links to access resources about Mammuthus columbi from the east and west coast.

Mammuthus columbi (Columbian Mammoth) - Prehistoric wildlife

Columbian mammoth with hair from California

Columbian mammoth - Revolvy

Columbian Mammoths and Channel Islands Mammoth - San Diego Zoo

Columbian Mammoths - Wikipedia

Use the following links to access resources about Mammuthus primigenius from the Appalachian region of the east coast.

Mammuthus primigenius - Encyclopedia of Life

Woolly Mammoth - Wikipedia

Woolly Mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius) - The Academy of Natural Science

Abouth Mammoths - University of California Berkeley Museum of Paleontology

Mammoth Origins, Species, Heights & Weights, Teeth, and Tusk Information - Mammoth Site

Mammoths - Illinois State Museum

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