Miocene IDs

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Use this page to help make identification of the Miocene fossils you see in your lab.

First, you must establish which broad category of fossil you are viewing. When you see a picture that looks promising, click on it to get more images of that type of bone.

Long bones- These tend to be long relative to their width.

                  Seal femur                                        Turtle humerus

Teeth- These may have single or multiple cusps, and may be individual teeth or a set of tooth plates.  

         Ray bite plate                                Shark tooth          Dolphin tooth           Fish "beak"

Vertebrae- The shape of these is rather variable but they will tend to be fairly rounded (nearly circular or oval in overall shape).

                                 Fish vertebrae                                                     Whale vertebrae

Miscellaneous bones- There are interesting bones that do not fit into one of these categories.

Crocodile scute


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