Monitoring Earthquakes and Volcanoes

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Use the links below, or those of your choosing, to research current techniques being used to at least monitor volcanic or seismic activity. You must, at a minimum, tell: 1) what is involved with the current technique, 2) if it has advanced warning capability, 3) who is using the technique, and 4) what locations are being monitored. You will receive up to 20 points for your individual effort. The more you make this your own, rather than copy answers directly from the websites, the more points you will receive.

Download a worksheet to help you here.

You should include photographs if possible, I can help if you don’t know how to capture these from the internet. You also MUST include citations for both information and photographs.

APA citation style                          Avoiding Plagiarism

Background information

USGS Strategic Plan 2007-2017

page 32- seismic awareness (44 of 81 pages)


How we monitor volcanoes- USGS

    Monitoring Volcano Seismicity

    Volcano Seismic Signatures

    Deformation with GPS

Nyiragonga- satellite monitoring

Exploring the Environment- volcanoes


Monitoring- seismographs

Anticipating- 3D modeling

Present technology- nsta

Earthquakes cannot be predicted- article

Predicting- USGS

The future- Detecting earthquakes before they strike

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