Pop. Calc. Set 1

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For this problem set you will need to use the formula for population growth (r * N) and add that to the initial population.

1) When you first get sick there are 12,000 bacteria in your throat. Unfortunately for you they have a growth rate of 750% per day. After day one, to how many bacteria are you host?

2) In it's prime, Ecoland had about 20,000 residents. At the time they were growing and had a growth rate of 3% per year. What would the population have been after 2 years?

3) Today Ecoland is dwindling. It's population is now only 14,000 and they are losing population, largely through emmigration. If they have a growth rate of -1% per year, how many people can they expect to have next year?

4) A stray dog had a flea population of 200. If the population growth is 10% per week, how many fleas will the dog have at the end of 4 weeks?

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