Response to Skeptics

Bulletin of the Town of Martinsville


Your Task

This week’s letters are a part of our series on people’s attitudes about global climate change. You are to write a rebuttal to one of the three letters presented here.

Use Climate Denial Crock of the Week to find the information you need to refute one of the editorials. This is a searchable list of videos. These are very good because he shows you the actual published paper from which he is getting information.

You can also use SkepticalScience for a text based version of similar information.


To receive full credit your letter should:

1) be a specific rebuttal to one of the three letters here, (20 points)

2) use information and provide a reference from at least one video on Cliamte Denier Crock of the Week or one post from SkepticalScientist, (10 points)

3) be a well composed letter 500-700 words long (10 points)

4) be free of grammatical and spelling errors (5 points)

5) be a minimum of 90% your own words  (not quotes or paraphrases)     (5 points)

                                    Image from NOAA.

Letters to the editor

No heat wave, we’re cooling

I don’t know what all of the hype is about. Lots of people are saying that scientists have shown that global temperatures are cooling and I believe them. Rush Limbaugh said himself that temperatures have gone down; why’d he lie? I’m not going to change what I’ve been doing just on the say so of a few worry warts who want the world to change because they think that maybe the temperature went up a degree. They’re probably wrong and who cares anyway?

Old Timer

Bassett, VA

People just say what they want

I’ve been listening to the news for years now. Some people are claiming that there are scientific studies showing the climate change we’ve been experiencing is due to human activities, but my news anchors said there is no proof. There is no scientific evidence to prove that humans are in fact causing the global warming we’ve been experiencing. Heck, the news guys are even saying that scientists used to say there'd be an ice age from what we're doing. They don't know. Just show me the paper that proves what they say is true and I’ll believe it, but I don't think there's any proof.

Just the facts

Collinsville, VA

Food for thought and the plants

I’ve been doing a lot of reading; it just doesn’t make sense. We all know that plants need carbon dioxide (CO2) to grow. We need the oxygen that they produce and they need the CO2 that we breath off. It’s that simple. How can CO2 be a problem if we need it? They keep talking about how rising CO2 levels are both a problem and something humans have caused, but that just seems wrong. Plants need the CO2 and it is just totally normal. Something natural cannot be harming the planet. Just think about it!

Power to the Plants

Martinsville, VA

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