Vascular Plant Conundrum

Yikes!! Someone has messed up all of the slides in the bio workroom. Not only have they taken all of the slides out of their proper trays, but they scratched out the slide labels. We need your help getting the lab back in order.

Your first task:

Follow the link to each slide and tell me 1) what type of angiosperm is shown in the image, monocot or eudicot, and 2) from what part of the plant it is (root, stem, or leaf).

Slide 1                                     Slide 3                                         Slide 5

Slide 2                                     Slide 4                                         Slide 6

Your second task:

To make sure this NEVER happens again write up a crib sheet to keep with the slides in case the labels every come off again. On the sheet include: 1) the slide number, 2) the type of angiosperm, 3) the part of the plant, and 4) an explanation of how you know what you are looking at so they can easily be identified if this happens again.

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