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Use these sites to help research attempts to use volcano mitigation techniques.

Controlling Specific Hazards- An overview of various attempts to control the hazards of volcanic eruptions, from a Volcanology course.

Lava Diversion, Mt. Etna (1983)- Photographs and text of successful lava diversion with barriers.

Mt. Etna-Diverting Lava- Another brief look at the Mt. Etna lava diversion.

Lava Cooling, Mt. Heimaey, Iceland (1973)- Fairly long, but readable USGS publication on lava diversion attempts in Hawaii and Iceland.

Cooling the Lava- John McPhee's take. This is a pdf; I can post a link to the pdf itself if the page doesn't load well.

Man against Nature; another look at Mt. Heimaey-  Again, fairly lengthy USGS publication, but good information and good images.

Artificial walls to stop Hawaiian flows- Another USGS publication. This is a pdf, I can post a copy if the URL brings up a fouled copy.

Lava bombing; Success or Not?- Brief article on attempts with lava bombing.

Another look at bombing volcanoes- A look at various attempts at lava bombing; what was hoped to be accomplished and the results.

Sabo Network- example of flood relief for lahars and debris flows associated with volcanic eruptions.

Another Japanese Sabo link- from the Sakurajima International  Volcanic SABO Center

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