Volcano Mitigation

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The Topic

You work for a city planner's office in a town within the vicinity of a potentially active volcano. You have been studying various responses to mitigate the impact of a volcanic eruption on the town. You are now going to present your final report and a presentation on your ideas for the best strategic plan.

The Report

Your report to the city planner's office should include the following:

1) a minimum of two primary articles for a report of 1000-1500 words,

2) a description of the technique,

3) the successes or failtures with past attempts in other areas,

4) a strategic plan for how implementation would work in your area,

5) an estimate for how much the mitigation would cost and how much it could save (both in terms of cost and lives),

                                                                                            Lava diversion. A 10m thick aa flow added to, but did not breach the barrier (USGS).    

The Presentation

The presentation should include:

1) mostly images, with a verbal description to highlight all of the main points from the report.

2) It should make a compelling case for use, or lack of use, of the mitigation technique you researched.

3) Presentation should be between 6-8 minutes. All people within the group should present approximately the same amount of material if it is not an individual project.

The Rubric

Click here to see the rubric in GoogleDocs. There are two separate rubrics; one is for the essay and the other is for the presentation.

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