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Remember, your job as the economist is to find out:

  1. how much damage is done annually by this catastrophe,
  2. from where does the money for relief generally come (you will need to find this online), and
  3. how can areas and individuals prepare for this type of devastation.

Economist Sheet- Link to GoogleDocs file

Tsunami Links

Damage Statistics- Prevention Web

Economic Aspects- Indonesia


American Preparedness

Tsunami 2004 and Its Impact

Landslide/Mudslide Links

American preparedness-    FEMA     Red Cross

Landslide recovery report- Red Cross - scroll to page 9-10 

USGS- Socioeconomic effect 

Amount of damage- scroll down

British Columbia:  How do lanslides affect us?

Social and Environmental Impact of Lanslides (html; also a pdf is available)

Landslide Hazard Profile NY State Hazard Mitigation Plan

Avalanche Links

Iceland Damage

Avalanche Data and Statistics



Hiking Gear

Avalanche Mitigation

Flood/ Storm Flooding

Disaster Relief in Light of Common Storms- a little political, but not too bad

More Money than Thought Spent on Flooding- again, a little political

On Federal Spending- a PDF link

Sinkholes (in the southeast)

Sinkholes: Common, costly, and sometimes deadly- Scroll down for information about costs in Florida 

Sinkholes Can Cause Costly Damage- Brief examples from across the southeast

Sinkholes in Florida: Causes, Prevention, and Damage Repair- Information based on a foundation repair company in Florida 

Sinkhole Questions: Florida Department of Environmental Protection- Scroll through the 26 questions

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