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Remember, your job as the humanitarian is to:

  1. find what impact this has on people in the area,
  2. what can be done to help, also,
  3. what organizations generally respond and what do they do (you will need to research this component online).

Humantarian Sheet- Link to GoogleDocs file

Tsunami Links

Psychological Effects

2004 Tsunami economic impact report

Paper on multiple effects of the 2004 tsunami

What to Do

What to do before, during, and after

Human Impact of Tsunami

Tsunami in Thailand

Mudslide/Landslide Links

What to do- Ca Dept. of Public Health

FEMA- after a mudslide

Ecologic effect of landslides (pdf file)

Psychological effect of disaster on children (pdf file)

Reducing community impact



Avalanche Links


Help while skiing

After Kohistan avalanche

I was an Avalanche Test Dummy

Right to humanitarian assistance 

Voice of Russia- Current stories of avalanches

Floods/Storm Flooding

Flood Relief- Army

Humanitarian Efforts in Malawi- UN support

Global Humanitarian Assistance- Aid from US

Flooding: Devastating Floods and Heavy Rains- NRDC

Sinkholes (in the southeast)

The Science of Sinkholes- scroll through the USGS page with information

Sinkholes, West Central Florida: A link between surface water and groundwater- USGS publication; scroll down about 12 pages

Sinkholes in Florida: Causes, Prevention, and Damage Repair- Information based on a foundation repair company in Florida 

Sinkhole Questions: Florida Department of Environmental Protection- Scroll through the 26 questions

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